Ultra-Poly offers a variety of resins, toll services and scrap.  Please contact us for availability of all products listed below.


Ultra-Poly offers a wide range of custom polypropylene, polyethylene and specialized plastic resins to meet any customer’s individual needs.  All resins are post blended guaranteeing consistency across an order.  If requested, custom resins will include lab certification on all shipped materials on a load-to-load basis.

Ultra-Poly will guarantee polypropylene within a specified melt index and Izod. Below is a list of PP item codes and material specs. We are also happy to target other specifications such as specific color, melt, izod, fill, tensile and/or flex modulus upon customer request.  Ultra-Poly also has the ability to produce specialized compounds containing fillers to meet customer needs.

  Melt Index↓
Izod↓ 1 – 2 2 – 7 8 – 15 16 – 24 18 – 27 24 – 35
.51 – 1.3 UP289-HOPP UP589-HOPP UP1189-HOPP UP2089-HOPP UP2589-HOPP UP3089-HOPP
1.4 – 2.4 UP289-COPP UP589-COPP UP1189-COPP UP2089-COPP UP2589-COPP UP3089-COPP
2.5 – 8 UP289-NBPP UP589-NBPP UP1189-NBPP UP2089-NBPP UP2589-NBPP UP3089-NBPP


Ultra-Poly will guarantee polyethylene within a specified melt index and density.    Below is a list of PE item codes and material specs:

Item Code Description Melt Index Density
UP1000LD BLK Black, film grade LDPE with added slip and elastomer .5 – 2 .925 – .935
UP1000LD M Black, profile or sheet grade LDPE without slip and elastomer (not recommended for film) 1 – 2 .925 – .935
UP1000LD CLR Clear, film grade LDPE with added slip and elastomer .4 – 2 .919 – .925
UP1000HD BLK Black, extrusion or blow molding grade HDPE <1 .94 – .955
UP1000HD-INJ Black, injection modling grade HDPE 3 – 8 .949 – .95




Ultra-Poly has the following scraps available for purchase on a consistent basis:

  • PET
  • PP
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Color Concentrates