Ultra-Poly’s economies of scale are impressive.  Indeed, it is one of the World’s few reprocessing operations capable of running 100,000-pound orders in under 24 hours.  Moreover, from 2,000 pound lumps to 10 pound rolls, Ultra-Poly has developed the ability to run scrap in forms and quantities that other companies cannot efficiently handle.   Today, the company leverages formidable resources to deliver world-class efficiency, flexibility, and customer service:

  • Our on-site laboratory provides quality control, load certification, and R&D capabilities.  It is equipped with a blown film line, injection molding machines, melt indexers, ash test, DSC and FTIR analysis, izod impact tester, moisture analysis, and tensile and elongation testing capabilities
  • Our Truck fleet lets us handle all our customers’ and suppliers’ logistics reliably and efficiently.  We can pick up and deliver in van or bulk trucks, often within 24 hours, and we can stage empty trailers to avoid live loading.
  • Our Capacity means we can turn around orders faster than anyone in the industry. Over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space in three plants house:
    • 9 extrusion lines with a combined 170 million pounds of capacity,
    • 3 grinding and elutriation lines,
    • 1 post-consumer bottle processing line, and
    • 1 wash/dry line
  • Using our ten 200,000 pound blending silos and rail siding, we post blend our compounded resins to ensure homogeneous lots, and ship product by any method: bulk truck, railcar, super sacs, gaylords, or 50 pound bags.


Technical Expertise

Process design– After decades of experience Ultra-Poly has developed industry leading mechanical and processing expertise, even surpassing many OEMs.  Today, the Company actually builds most of its own equipment including extruders, transfer equipment, blenders, and electrical controls.  Ultra-Poly designs, installs, and maintains all of its state-of-the-art production lines in house.  This capability creates unique advantages in production efficiency and speed of innovation.

Materials– Simply put, Ultra-Poly’s engineers, buyers, sales people, and production personnel are all experts in plastic and plastic manufacturing.  Our customers are injection molding, roto-molding, extruding profiles, and running blown film lines.  Our experienced sales force understands our customers’ processes.  They routinely troubleshoot their material-related problems and recommend alternatives.


Ultra-Poly’s initiatives to recover value from materials that are difficult or even previously impossible to process are truly groundbreaking.  Taken together, these projects have the potential to save significant natural resources and change recycling in America.

  • Pyrolysis- Beginning In 2012, Ultra-Poly will generate enough electricity to power its entire Portland plant by producing a synthetic gas from otherwise unrecyclable plastics and fueling a 1.75 megawatt Cummins gen-set.  Raw materials will include various co-laminated films, mixed bottles, screen change lumps, and floor sweeps.  The exciting project will simultaneously reduce landfill consumption and our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Geomembrane Recycling– As many are aware, huge amounts of geomembrane liner are being used (and landfilled) by companies drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region.  In fact, DEP statistics suggest over 100 million pounds of geomembrane liner was laid down at PA gas drilling sites in 2011 alone.  An industry first, Ultra-Poly recently opened a plant in Berwick, PA designed specifically for recycling used geomembrane.  We developed this technology to address the environmental problems and market opportunities created by the huge volumes of geomembrane being used in our area.  A few notes on the process:
    • This is an entirely closed-loop process, i.e. Ultra-Poly accepts geomembrane after screening for contaminants, cleans and shreds the material, and incorporates it into commodity plastic resins and finished products.  This is in stark contrast to other so called “recyclers” of this material, many of whom simply bale and export the liner
    • We currently have the capacity to recycle approximately 100,000 pounds/day (2.5 million lbs/month) of post-use geomembrane, and the model is highly scalable
    • The plant and process is permitted by the PA DEP
  • Materials Separation- In order to recover more waste and expand our supply base, Ultra-Poly has focused in the last five years on developing capability for separating components of co-mingled or mixed waste streams.  Today, Ultra-Poly has commercialized several related projects including: separating foil from caps, face fiber from carpet backing, food contents from packaging, and paper labels from bottles, to name a few. 
  • Post-consumer plastics-With plastics manufacturers improving efficiency and production operations moving off shore, the supply of post-industrial scrap is diminishing in North America.  Meanwhile, plastics use in packaging and products across industry is increasing.  The result is a general shift away from post-industrial and towards post-consumer scrap availability.  In addition to working with customers to develop applications for post-consumer repro, Ultra-Poly is addressing this challenge by acquiring and developing the technology to improve the quality of post-consumer repro.  In 2012 alone, the Company purchased:
    • Three elutriation lines
    • A wash/dry line
    • A post-consumer bottle processing line


Over the course of our 40 years in business, Ultra-Poly has developed a stellar reputation for customer service, technological know-how, and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.  Today our customers and suppliers include several blue chip manufacturers in North America.  We realize that our continued success depends on maintaining our reputation in the industry, meaning all stakeholders can count on the ideals that have guided us this far: great service, prompt payment, open communication, and fair dealings.